Femslash r Us
Elsanna AU Part 2

I threw in some characters that I couldn’t resist. I also ship Merida/Jack froim RotBTD.

Elsa dug for her keys in her pocket, phone cradled to her left ear. “That’s beside the point Merida,” she said as she found them and unlocked front door, balancing the bags of the groceries in her arms. “I mean seriously, she’s probably vanilla and is not into girls.”

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Elsanna AU Part 1

So here it is. I’m sorry it’s so short but I felt like this was a good bit to put up first.

“And I’m saying Dr. Storm is crazy for assigning us that stupid play to read over the weekend,” Anna huffed as she glanced over at her best friend.

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More Spshley?? And your fanfics are amazing by the way

Ah yes, Spashley, lol. I can try - it’s hard for me to write them. And thak you very much!

Baby Names, G.

“Anthony is a good name for a boy,” Emily says offhandedly one evening.

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Hi, I just read Dark Side: Paily werewolf and I wonder if you will keep updating chapters because I really like the story you made!! So pleaseeeeee keep updating!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greetings. I am very pleased you liked the story. I’d like to keep working on the story but inspiration comes and goes, and I also have a bunch of real life stuff (work and school) that prevent me from writing a lot of fic. But perhaps I will see what I can do.

Untitled Fisting Smut for AJ

Yeah, took me long enough to write it.

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I am glad you are bad in business :)

Thank you!

Untitles Shower Smut for Rok

I know, I know, it took me a million years but I finished it. This takes place in her Surprises universe.

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Distraction. Paily. G.

Ooh, write about the moment Paige found out that Emily was back in Rosewood. It’s her 3rd week of dating Shana & she’s happy. Actually happy but then Emily shows up at her door drunk, kisses her, & reminds her that her only true happiness is w/ her.

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That Eponine fic. Wow...